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Monday, April 20, 2015

A to Z Challenge: Q is for Quaker

Today is Day 17 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  If you are new to the blog and haven't heard of this challenge before, the basic idea is to blog (almost) every day in April, taking one day for each letter of the alphabet. Since I have a cross stitch blog, I am blogging about cross stitch patterns in my stash and on my wish list for this month of April.

Q is for Quaker

I'm not really sure how to describe Quaker patterns if you don't already know what I'm talking about.  The best I can do is these samplers tend to be made of up many different small to medium geometric motifs.  The tend to come in either monochrome or simple color schemes.  I would describe them as tending to be more on the country or primitive style.  Of course, that's by no means a complete or hard and fast definition, so don't take my word for it.  :)

I tend to dislike Quaker patterns for the most part, perhaps because I don't really like most country/primitive patterns in general, but I do have one Quaker pattern in my stash (shock and horror).  In fact, Halloween Quaker is one of my Turtle Trot pieces for this year.

So knowing this post was coming up, I pulled the piece out and gave it a bit of an update.  Here it is now:

This is a slightly modified San-Man Originals pattern that you can download for free from Cyberstitchers. You may notice mine already looks a little different than the model picture.  There were a couple motifs I didn't like, so I moved things around a bit and changed the charted colors slightly.  I don't know if this pattern appealed to me because it was a Quaker designed by one of my favorite designers or what exactly drew me to it.  It definitely could have been the cat.  I have a weakness for all things cat, especially a SMO cat.  Although the designer must have at least something to do with it, because if I ever do another Quaker, it will probably be this Valentine's Day one (also by San-Man Originals, and also free for download from Cyberstitchers).

For this one, the draw definitely is the birds.  Or the chocolate.  Or both. 

One of the other A to Z blogs I've been reading had the excellent idea of adding links to previous posts at the end of a particular day.  So if you'd like to see my previous A to Z entries:

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  1. You know, I'm right there with you on the general opinion on Quakers - country/old fashioned type stitching is generally not my style either. There are a few GORGEOUS ones by Rosewood Manor, though, that have made their way into my stash. I think it's the color choices that make it feel more like my style than other patterns. The Halloween one is adorable though!

    1. Yes, the Rosewood Manor ones are the only others I've been tempted by too. They are wonderful!

  2. Great work Alyssa. Good luck with this challenge.

  3. Great work! I wouldn't want to stitch a Quaker pattern either but I enjoy looking at others' stitching of them.

  4. I liked the Valentine designs - especially the lovely pink colours:)

  5. Quaker designs are a strange thing to me...I can't really grasp what is quaker or not, and I've never felt drawn to the designs until recently...I've seen a few that I find just gorgeous, and those are pretty 'classic' ones as well! We'll see where my journey takes me with those :D

  6. Great start Alyssa. I love the charts.


  7. Nice! I've always associated Shaker's with their beautiful furniture, but not stitchery. Thanks for widening my world today!
    Trisha Faye

  8. I nearly did "Q" for Quaker... but I struggled finding one that I really wanted to start stitching for the challenge :o)
    Love the Halloween design!
    Hugs xx