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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A to Z Challenge: N is for Noah's Ark

Today is Day 14 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  If you are new to the blog and haven't heard of this challenge before, the basic idea is to blog (almost) every day in April, taking one day for each letter of the alphabet. Since I have a cross stitch blog, I am blogging about cross stitch patterns in my stash and on my wish list for this month of April.

N is for Noah's Ark

If you've been hopping around the cross stitch blogosphere for awhile, chance are you have seen the "Cut Thru" series of patterns put out by Bothy Threads.  These patterns are so fun, I just love the amount of detail and whimiscality to them.

Sadly, since Bothy Threads is in the UK, and they don't offer just pattern options anymore, it's a little cost prohibitive for me to pick up as many of these designs as I would like.  I'm on the wrong end of the conversion and shipping rate of that one, that's for sure.

So I was super excited when I had the chance to pick up the Cut Thru Noah's Ark kit at a great price from someone who was detashing.  Score!

Noah's ark patterns are hit or miss for me.  I tend to like most of them because I love animals, but they have to be presented in the right style I guess.  But this pattern has all the the things I love about the Cut Thru patterns as part of it.  It's going to be a huge undertaking (so...much...backstitch...), but it will be fun to stitch!

So that's it for a short and sweet post for today.  On a side note, if anyone is destashing the Exotic Birds design from Bothy Threads, please let me know.  I so want to stitch this one someday!

One of the other A to Z blogs I've been reading had the excellent idea of adding links to previous posts at the end of a particular day.  So if you'd like to see my previous A to Z entries:

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  1. I love the Cut Thrus too Alyssa! I recently finished the North Pole House and have the Cut Thru Rocket and Pirate Ship on the go. I haven't got Exotic Birds but will keep my eyes open for you!

  2. I love the Cut Thru' Designs, and that one is on my to stitch list for sure :) I also really like Teresa Wentzler's interpretation of Noah's Arc, I think it's the little kid in me getting excited about all those animals :D