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Friday, April 3, 2015

Free Pattern Friday: Chocolate Makes My Day

Today is April 3rd, which means my "c" post for the A to Z challenge will be posted later today. So I thought why not feature a free cross stitch pattern that is C themed too?

So, C is for Chocolate! Sorry for the small preview on this one, but it's the only color version I could find of the chart.  This is called Chocolate Makes My Day and is a free download from the Janlynn company, who also makes many excellent cross stitch kits.

And after all, chocolate makes everything better, right?  Ladies, you know what I mean!

You can visit the publisher's website using this link to download your copy of the PDF chart for this free cross stitch pattern.  Just remember not to drool on your work, just in case that's a problem. :)

Happy stitching!
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If you ever come across one of my posts that contains a chart that breaks copyright law, please email me and let me know right away. In picking and posting my free cross stitch pattern posts, I make every effort to ensure the designs I share are legitimately free charts.


  1. What a fun pattern! I can think of many people I could stitch for using that pattern:)

  2. Yummy pattern :) Definitely for me as chocolate always makes myday :) Thanks Alyssa.

  3. Chocolate! I never stitched a chocolate pattern before but with one that cute I might have to! :D