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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Have a Finish!

Back from the trip with a finish:

Haha just kidding.  Did you see it?  It's not really finished, although from far away it looks kind of like it.  I worked really hard on this on the car drive down to southern CA and back, and managed to get most of it done.  Problem was, I ran out of thread and didn't bring any with me beyond what was on the thread organizer already.  Hence the unfinished bird bootie and halfway done vine. 

The plan now that I'm home is to finish stitching off those two areas and then mail this off to Love Quilts where it is due on April 1st. 

I also made quite a bit of progress on the super secret birthday present I started on the plane flight home.  But alas, I can't show you pictures of that just yet. 

The trip was really fun, but I am totally exhausted since it was really more of a "working vacation" than an actual vacation.  A Disneyland trip and 4 classes taught later, it was back to work bright and early Monday morning.  Ugh. 

Actually, getting back was quite a bit of a challenge.  My plane leaving Sacramento Saturday afternoon was delayed over an hour, so my 50 minute layover in Dallas turned into a 5 minute layover, and since the departing plane I needed to be on was 2 (huge) terminals over, I naturally missed it.  Luckily, once I finally found someone to help me reschedule the flight, they did put me up at the airport's hotel for the night, as there were no remaining planes to Mississippi that night. 

It was a Grand Hyatt, which is probably the absolute fanciest hotel I've ever been in (seeing as Hampton Inns are normally fancy to me, being used to your generic La Quinta and Best Western type motels).  I wish I hadn't gotten there so late though (about 11:30 pm by the time I checked in) because I would have liked to sit and stitch in the room a bit and enjoy all that luxury before I had to go to sleep.  Oh well.  Maybe someday.  Can I just say though, that even though I did get helped eventually, American Airlines has THE WORST customer service I have ever experienced on any airline in my lifetime.  Anyway, rant over now, I promise.  Back to stitching. 

Sadly I don't have any additional progress to show at the moment, but the end of the month is coming up, so that means check ins for several of my SALs are imminent.  I also got the latest round of the Frosted Pumpkin Round Robin in the mail while I was gone.  This round's pattern is Dessert of the Month, so I'm excited to get started on that soon.  And I have a spring exchange pattern due at the end of March too, so I will need to get hurrying on that soon as well. 

So, more progress pics to come soon hopefully!

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  1. This sure has beautiful colors! blessings, marlene

  2. Great progress, even if it's not a finish yet. I'm glad you got back from your trip safely, not good luck and have fun catching up on work ans getting your dead-lined stitching sorted!

  3. Hah, a "finished for now" sort of piece! At least you're back with your flosses now and can keep on keeping on.

    And I hear you on the Dallas airport. I'm glad they have those walking things and little transport bus/trolly... things but still, that place is too big! It's a shame AA service is so bad now. Back when I was a wee Rosey, they were absolutely amazing.