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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trip Update

I have a bit of time in the hotel room this morning before getting going, so I figured I post a few updates.

California has been great so far, it's been really nice to see many of the friends and family that we moved away from 9 months ago when we left for Mississippi.  Thank you for all of your birthday well wishes too; it was a good day with some nice surprises.  I'm at the point where I don't really like a big fuss made over my birthday anymore (too close to breaking 30) but hanging out with good friends was really nice.

I've managed to get some stitching done this trip too, despite fate's best efforts to not let me do so.  I was able to bring some of my projects in my carry on personal item in the plane, and was totally prepared for a nice long stitching session.  Well, about 20 minutes after takeoff I lost the needle and didn't have a spare.  Rats.   However, before that I did make some progress on the pony magnet I'm working on.  Sorry, no pictures yet though since it's for a gift next month.

Then Thursday (the first full day of the trip) I totally smashed my finger in the car door.  Like completely.  I will spare you the picture, but suffice it to say it was very sore and hard to stitch for a few days, since it's the middle finger on my dominant hand.  It's still sensitive, and the nail is completely blue/purple, but at least I can stitch again.

I did manage a bit of progress on both Autumn Circle by Mill Hill:

and my Sparrow square for a Love Quilts project that's due next month.

Actually, both of these pictures are a little old; I've gotten farther on both of them now, but my camera is not cooperating at the moment.

I mentioned my birthday a bit above, and it was nice, but I got one gift in particular I really want to share with all of you.  One of my fellow cross stitching buddies back home (actually we didn't meet through cross stitch, just kind of figured out that we actually enjoy doing the same thing once we were already friends) gave me a wonderful present for my birthday.  Knowing that I love reading, she made me this wonderful bag:

Isn't it great?  Look at the detail on this thing:

And it's fully and beautifully lined too:

(just ignore my knee in the bottom right corner)

It's almost too pretty to use, haha.  Not sure if I will use it as my work bag (I really need a new one) or maybe as a project bag.  I will have to think about that for a bit.  Thank you again Kathy.  I bow to your awesomeness in sewing ability.  :)  

Inside the bag were a multitude of other surprises:

Pretty much a do it yourself kit inside.  Some lovely 16 count aida and 28 count evenweave, plus one of Ursula Michael's wonderful word art patterns.  This is called Let's Be Wicked (obviously for Halloween) and there is also all the thread needed to complete it, along with some Thread Heaven and some new needles.  The needles were especially good since as I mentioned above, I had lost my last one on the plane.  I'm so happy I've got such a wonderful Halloween project to work on this year.

The other things included in the bag were the two sweet Owlet kits from Mill Hill I posted about during the last Stitch from Stash.  Aren't they adorable?!?  Sadly, I will have to wait a bit on these, as I have a few more projects to finish first.

But despite that, the whole thing was pretty much the best stitchy birthday gift ever.  :)

It has been a lovely trip so far (filled with plenty of work and play).  I plan on posting an update on Monday showing off lots more stitching that I've gotten done during the days we have left!

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  1. Nice to know you're having a good trip and what a wonderful gift! Happy Birthday indeed. :)

  2. Sounds like you are having a lovely trip - great progress on your projects, and wow, that goodie bag is awesome! Happy birthday, I hope your finger is better already :)

  3. Beautiful bag your friend made...It would be such a waste if you didn't use it! Lovely goodies inside too.
    Sorry to hear about your stitching woes. I lost a needle 10 minutes into a 3 hour train journey recently. Very frustrating. Perhaps we should try making a needle book each?
    Hope your finger is better soon - that sounds painful!

  4. What a lovely gifts you've received. The bag is adorable - as a bookworm I would love to have one too :)

  5. Oh Alyssa, it was my pleasure.....really!! And don't you just love it when you can find The Perfect Gift for a friend?? Obviously when I saw that book fabric, it was like Fate was screaming in my ear, "Bag for Alyssa, Bag for Alyssa!!!" and then the cross-stitchy stuff.....well, that's just plain ol' fun to shop for and like I tell Brianne (when she's rolling her eyes at me), sometimes the "kitting up" part is just as fun as the stitching part. We are so delighted we could share in your B-Day celebration - it was wonderful!!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!!......we miss you already.....

    1. Miss you too! Thanks again for an awesome time!

  6. Oi, don't you know vacations are for injury-free relaxing! :D I hope your finger has recovered by now, I just cringed when I read what happened.

    That bag is lovely and I can just imagine all the time needed to fussy cut it so well! And even better that it was stuffed with stitchy stuff! :D

    1. Well, the finger is sort of recovered. It doesn't "hurt" anymore, but it's still sensitive. The nail is literally navy blue. It's going to take about 9 months for the damage to grow out it sounds like. Bleh.