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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Frosted Pumpkin Round Robin Part 2 (or 3?)

It's been a little quiet around here lately.  Well, the blog I mean.  My life has been CRAZY in comparison.  Last week was pretty much taken up with preparing for our church's talent show which was on Friday night.  Somehow I got put in charge of that delightful project.  So luckily that went off with more or less no problems, which meant I could relax the whole weekend, right?

Yeah, unfortunately I have gotten yet another cold, and it hit me hard this weekend.  Blah!!!!  So I spent a good deal of both Saturday and Sunday sleeping.  And then back to work on Monday, which the past two nights have pretty much just been come home and crash after work. 

So the stitching schedule has been slim lately.  Which is a little sad, since I have some deadlines in March I really need to meet if possible.  But I have managed to get some stitching done.

I've started my Round 3 project of the Frosted Pumpkin Round Robin piece.  As I mentioned in my Smalls SAL check in last week, my project is on linen this time around, and it is my first time working on it, which was quite intimidating at first.  Although with my Crazy January start of Britannia Pillow, I did my first stitching on evenweave, I'm finding the linen harder to work with because it's not as, well, even.  Also, this is 28 count instead of 20 count, so it's a lot smaller.

This round I am working on the Frosted Pumpkin Woodland Sampler.  Unlike Once Upon A Time (my Round 2 project) the blocks in this one are all different sizes.  So I will be doing two months, February and March, instead of just one.

I started off with February, because it's a raccoon pattern, and for some reason I love raccoons right now.   I also figured the fact that it was 100% coverage for the whole block might help me get the hang of the linen easier.  Well, after a couple hours and much frogging and choice words, this is what I had:

Not much progress yet.  Just to give you a sense of size, that square is only 33 x 33 stitches.  So I decided to give a try to March's block since it seemed like it would be easier and part of the problem with February was the navy thread I was stitching with (I think).  It's a good idea to remember this was all while I was whacked out on cold medicine as well.  Anyway, I gave March a try and I must be getting the hang of the linen, because I got much farther with much less frogging:

March's pattern will be a toadstool in a terrarium (the blue jar).  Other than that bit of progress, not much stitching going on around here.  But my California trip is coming up in a little over a week, so I expect I'll either get a ton of stitching done during travel (or none at all depending on how it goes).

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  1. Your stitching looks great Alyssa. Where are going in California? Have a fun trip.


    1. We're going back to Sacramento for a two week visit. That's where I moved from last June.

  2. Great starts and good luck with the linen.

  3. Congrats on surviving the church function but buuuu to getting a cold. And g'luck on the travel-stitching! I usually accomplish the most on the getting to/from the destination.

  4. Very nice, my first try on linen was much less even! Hope you'll feel well again soon :)