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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Did you know cross stitch runs in families?

I suppose an update is long past due.

I actually don't have any of my own work to share today (I'm working on a gift, so it's a secret!), but I do have something to share:


But this isn't my stitching, it's my brother's. 

My brother broke his ankle in early May, which followed with emergency surgery and several weeks of complete bed rest.  One day when I was chatting with him on Facebook Messenger to see how he was doing (he was pretty bored) we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: You need a project to help with the boredom. You should take up cross stitch. It's good therapy. 
Him: Meh.
Me: No really. I even have a pattern you'd like. Want me to show you?
Him: Sure. (you can tell he's thinking "yeah, right")
*I show him a picture of the pattern*
Him: Actually that's pretty cool.

Fast forward one day:

Him: So are you going to send me the stuff to do this thing or what? Cuz I want to get started.

Luckily I had already kitted up this particular pattern with the inention of starting it myself one day, so I pulled it out and was all ready to send it on the way to him when he informed me in no uncertain terms that he also wanted to be fully kitted out with a needle minder, qsnap, and grime guard.

Well, how can a sister say no to that?

Fast forward to a month later, and now I'm getting phone calls asking what happens when you miss a stitch, how to count not from the center, wanting to just have a day off work so he can work on his WIP, etc. etc.  Welcome another stitcher to the family.  :)  I think I may have gotten him hooked. 

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  1. For one, welcome back, and then, yay for recruiting another stitcher! You did very well, and it looks like he's a natural.
    Whenever someone around me shows even a little bit of interest in cross stitching, I usually get all hyper and geeky and scare them off...I really need to work on that haha!

  2. Welcome back! And welcome to the new stitcher!

  3. Hurray for new stitchers! I have converted one girl at work and am trying to get my elder son into it. Your brother sounds like he's hooked!

  4. Yay, for getting another person to do some stitching. His piece looks super. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Good job passing on the knowledge! :)

  6. This is great, I'm impressed that he knows about all the necessities for stitching! He's off to a great start.

  7. Congrats on bringing your brother into the stitching fold!!

  8. Very informative post infact! Thanks for the kind words! Keep it up!