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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Update: Frosted Pumpkin's OUaT for Februrary

Moving along on my Frosted Pumpkin Round Robin piece.  This is from the Once Upon a Time sampler, and I am doing the February block, which is The Frog Prince.

I had to "frog" that frog several times.  It was supremely frustrating.  Hopefully I'll be finishing this one up and mailing it off soon!

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  1. Cute project and beautiful stitching. I also liked the Rainbow Mandala that you posted about previously!

  2. How frustrating that the frog begat frogs... Hope you can get it finished and posted off soon.

  3. It's cute! Might have to get that pattern after all...

  4. That is a really beautiful piece of work. I will have to do it myself one day. Good luck with your frog :) It will surely be beautiful!