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Friday, February 20, 2015

February 2015 TUSAL Update

I'm actually a few days late for the check in on Daffycat's Totally Useless SAL, since the new moon was actually Wednesday I think, but I kept forgetting to take a picture of my ort jar when I was home at night.  I finally remember last night, and managed to snap this (sorta blurry) one in the meantime:

That's my orts for both February and January, since I missed the check in last month.  Sadly, I was keeping my "travelling" ort in a small ziploc bag in my work purse and I have misplaced it completely, so I'm really bummed about that.  Funny when you miss a funny thing like thread scraps, huh?

Hoping to get lots of stitching done this weekend.  I'm going to have to plant myself in front of the TV and get through as many episodes of The Muppet Show as I can.  It's "research" for a talent show I'm in charge of for church on Friday.  For research, it's not all together bad though.  :)

Have a great weekend!

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