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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Progress Update: Day 27 of the Crazy Challenge

Only a few more days to go of the January Crazy Challenge.  Wah.  It's kind of bittersweet.  While in some ways, a new project every day has been rather chaotic, I do like the excitement that comes with constantly starting something new. 

Yesterday's start was the companion piece to the Day 26.  I looked up the patterns and found out they are a series of 6 blocks called Christmas Cuties by Maria Diaz, although each pattern individually is not named.  Here's my start on the reindeer, which is the only one other than the polar bear I will be stitching. 

Got a good start on his head, and the little bell around his neck.  And although the polar bear I started the day before is also super cute, I'm rather partial to this reindeer of the two designs.  Looking forward to finishing him, as he is one of the pieces I've chosen for Turtle Trot this year. 

And of course because I have an impending deadline, I also made some headway on Perfume Bottle.  Are you getting sick of progress updates on this yet?  :)

Today's planned start is another Mill Hill kit, the first of the last two I have to start and finish before March. 

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  1. Sick of progress pics? Nah, not us! Congrats!

  2. Nice start and great progress on the perfume bottle. Love seeing your updates.


  3. This perfume bottle actually suprises me - from the first few oictures, I thought it was going to be rather tall and slim, but now it's getting so very round! I like it, though ^_^

    1. Yes, it is a very round perfume bottle. Which I probably should have mentioned in the first post when I started it. Oh well... :)

  4. I never tire of seeing progress pictures! Bring em on!! haha

  5. What great progress! I love to see how your stitching is growing! :)