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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Progress Update: Day 21 of the Crazy January Challenge

Yay, my first solo progress update!  This is how I expected to do these updates when I signed up for the challenge, but as you can see, it didn't necessarily happen that way the past few weeks.  Oh well, life moves on!

Since Wednesdays are always my busy days, I decided to go small again.  Here is my progress on Triple Scoop by Mill Hill. 

This actually wasn't originally on my challenge list, but it is a gift for someone and I just found out our trip to see them got pushed up, so this one (and a few others) bumped a couple of the other Mill Hill kits off my list. 

I also got some more progress done on Perfume Bottle during my lunch hour yesterday. 

Sorry for the shiny reflections on the photos, I forgot to take a progress pic before I shoved it in it's bag and I was in a hurry since I was late getting back to my desk. I was finding this one really tedious, but since this picture was taken I've moved onto the next stripe over and I'm re-excited about it again.  I guess I just get bored with huge blocks of the same color.  Hoo boy, that's going to be difficult when I finish up Horse Yin Yang and get to my planned Silly Ladybug project...

So what's for today?  So far, I've done a little more progress on Perfume Bottle, and I think it will be another Mill Hill start today. 

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  1. The new start sounds cute. Nice progress on the perfume bottle.


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  3. Those Mill Hill Kits are always cut. It's probably wise to make a few of your new starts things you'll actually be able to finish quite soon :)