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Monday, January 5, 2015

January 2015 WIPocalypse

Well, happy 2015 everyone.  I'm back at work, which means that I have internet access once again.  Welcome to my new followers too, it's always good to see new faces.  :)

I need to update you all on my progress for the Crazy January Challenge... unfortunately I was a dork and forgot to take pictures before coming to work, so I don't have anything to show to you today.  Oh well.  I guess I will have to do a Day 1 - Day 5 update tomorrow instead.

But onto the reason for today's post.  It's the first full moon of January, so it's time for the first check in for WIPocalypse 2015.  

This month's topic is: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

So my name is Alyssa (for those of you who didn't know already), I am a California girl who has recently moved to Mississippi to start a new chapter in my life.  I'm in my 20s, never married, no kids, unless you count my furbaby Brownie, who this blog is named after.  Hmmm, I guess I need to post pictures of him sometime.

Okay, so stitching goals of 2015.  I've already posted a little bit about this, so I'm just going to summarize here.

1.  Keep up (at least starting-wise) with the 2015 Flower of the Month SAL I'm hosting. 

2.  Keep up with the Crazy January Challenge.  Doing okay on that one so far.  Not getting a lot of progress done, but keeping up so far. 

3.  Keep up with my other SALs I've signed up for this year.

4.  Work on all 10 Turtle Trot 2015 pieces. 
5.  Finish my Frosted Pumpkin Round Robin piece when it comes back to me later this year.  I am doing the 12 Days of Christmas pattern, and there will be 2 or 3 blocks plus the border left to finish when it comes back to me.  I'd like to get finish my part of it before the end of the year once I get it back. 

6.  In addition to finishing/working on the 31 pieces from my Crazy Challenge, I would also like to start my Thanksgiving Table Runner, Oh Holy Night ABC sampler, Antique Shoe Collection, and if I can afford it later on in the year, Frosted Pumpkins' Storytime Sampler. 

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  1. Sounds like great stitching plans Alyssa.


  2. Love your stitching plans. :o) I am looking forward to seeing your progress through the year.

  3. Sounds like some great goals. Can't wait to see!

  4. You are going to be busy! I look forward to watching your progress through the year.

  5. Nice pieces. Bet you beat me in the Flower sal tho. Mind you, I've done half a row LOL

  6. Hah, I wondered what was the meaning behind "Brownie" in your blog name. :D

    G'luck with your plans! You have a full year of crafts to look forward to~ I'm considering that Storytime sampler too, but I want to see more of what it will be like before I attempt a rather expensive plunge haha.

  7. Sounds like you are going to have a fun stitchy year. Good luck!

  8. Sounds like a busy year you have lined up! I may join the flower of the month, and I am already part of the Crazy January challenge. Well I am part of one on Facebook, not sure if it's the same one or not, LOL.

  9. Great plans you have there....I'm happy to see a few Frosted Pumpkin things in the mix, I love their patterns :)