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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Progress Update: Crazy January Challenge Days 6-7

So after my last big long post for the beginning of the crazy challenge, I'm going to try and break things up a bit more.  Sadly, my week has been turning out to be just as crazy as last week, so there continues to be not much time for stitching.  Oh well, I'm making the best of it. 

The majority of stitching time for both Day 6 and Day 7 were spent finishing the frame of my Frosted Pumpkin 12 Days of Christmas that I mentioned in my last post.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I sent it off.  So my project is  now making its way to Texas to be worked on by its first guest stitcher.  And hopefully I will get mine from England soon. 

So onto my latest two updates.  Sorry for the not-so-great pictures, I took these pictures at work and the fluorescent lighting looks wonky.  

January 6th was Tuesday, so I had to finish Frosted Pumpkin, plus it was the premiere of Agent Carter on ABC, which cut into stitching time a bit.  So I decided to go small and put a few stitches in one of my Mill Hill ornament kits for this next Christmas. 

This is called Love Potion Number 9.  I will be editing it a bit to better fit the person I am giving it to.  The ornaments went over so well with my aunt's family that now other family members are asking for them, so this is one of 6 I for sure plan on doing this year. 

January 7th, yesterday, was hard because Wednesdays are always my long day of the week since I have my young single adult scripture study group after work, and we hang out and have food afterwards (plus then an hour drive back home).  So I opted to start a bit of another Mill Hill kit in the spare time I did have for stitching.  This one is called Stars and Stripes.

As you can see, neither has a lot of progress (only about 15 minutes worth of stitching) but something is better than nothing!  Not sure what tonight will bring, but today's stitching is a WIP (finally), so I can actually feel more productive!  Then it's back to Giraffe Print Mitten which I still need to finish ASAP...

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  1. 15 minutes is better than nothing and a start's a start! Keep going.

  2. Intriguing starts to the ornaments. I'm looking forward to seeing them finished. :o)

  3. The one thing that I think this Crazy January thing shows us is that some stitching is better than none!

  4. I love the Mill Hill Ornament kits, I'm sure those will turn out just as cute as the last ones :)