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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Progress Update: Days 16-20 of the Crazy January Challenge

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  It was a long holiday weekend for us here in the US, so I'm back today on a Tuesday with my long update from my (internet-less) weekend instead of a Monday.  Once again, this is long and picture heavy, so you've been warned.

Last week was the week of the My Little Pony projects, so Friday had a bit of progress on Apple Jack (again, only a sneak peek right now because it's for a gift):

Saturday I had a busy day of working on unpacking boxes, so I didn't get much stitching done, just about two rows:

The lighting was really wonky when I took this picture, sorry.  The fabric is normal white aida, not blue.  This is called Cat Lady Kit and is a pattern from dailycrossstitch.com.  The two rows I got done are part of the top of a cardboard box flap.  It eventually will be the whole box with three different cats sitting in it.  Nice, easy pattern, just didn't have time to do more yet.

Sunday I knew I would have a little more time, so I got this done while watching rerun of Agent Carter and then Galavant.  Luckily, no frogging this time.

This is an old pattern from a back issue of CrossStitcher magazine.  Unfortunately I don't remember which issue off the top of my head, and I don't have it in front of me to look up.  I don't even know the official name of the pattern, but in my head I'm calling it the Purple Paisley project.  Can you tell the English major likes alliteration?  It is on Lavender aida, and so far, yes, I've only stitched with purple DMC, so the progress is kind of hard to distinguish. 

Monday (yesterday) I had off from work, but the rest of my family did not, so I took the opportunity of an empty house to work on a (maybe) Christmas present for my Mom.  It will be a maybe depending on if I get it done by December this year or not.  This is also from a back issue of CrossStitcher.  I am not posting the official name here, since it will give away what it is for now and I'm not sure if Mom reads the blog or not.  So if you read this Mom, fess up so I know to hide it better in the future.  For myself, I'm calling this one Polka Dot Bouquet.

Got a nice start on a couple of the leaves yesterday before I went back to unpacking boxes and organizing again. This is on light blue aida (yes, actually blue this time).  The pattern calls for it to be on white aida with blue polka dots, but since that is a little hard to source in the US right now, I went for the light blue option instead.  This is my second project on the blue aida, the first being the Gingerbread Houses SAL project from last week.

In other stitching news from this weekend, I have another finish for 2015!  I was finally able to get Giraffe Mitten finished, so it's now on its way to become part of a quilt for World of Charity stitching

I was so glad to get this done, because it's actually a bit late, but being sick right after Christmas just threw me for a loop stitching-wise, and I've been behind ever since.

Onto today's progress... So during lunch I went ahead and started up the last of the MLP patterns, the final member of the "mane six" Fluttershy:

For some reason, I decided to start with her mane instead of her tail like the others.  *shrug*  Go figure.  Fluttershy is my favorite of the group, so I will enjoy this one.

So, what will tomorrow's stitching adventure be?  Guess we'll find out what I pull out of the box tomorrow!

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  1. You have some beautiful starts again, and another finish as well . whoo! I really hope your mom doesn't read this, I would hate to miss seeing her project grow ^.~