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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Progress Update: Day 14 & 15 of the Crazy January Challenge

Well, I meant to get this post up on Thursday, but sadly I had to stay home from work that day due to a huge migraine I woke up with first thing in the morning.  Ugh.  And still no internet out at the farm, so if I'm stuck at home = no blogging. 

So for Day 14 and Day 15, I have updates on two more of the My Little Pony patterns.  Again, can't show you the whole thing yet, since they are for a gift and I don't want to risk them being seen early, but here's a sneak peek. 

Here's the beginnings of Twilight Sparkle's blue tail:

And the beginnings of Pinky Pie's tail.  Have to say I loved stitching the curls on this one. 

Someone asked what kind of fabric I was using on my last update post.  These are stitched on 14 count white plastic canvas, 3 over 1.  The plan is to turn them into magnets, so I needed something that was sturdy enough to stand on it's own, and believe it or not the plastic was cheaper than the perforated paper. 

Also, you may notice both are mostly half crosses.  I forgot to mention this in another post earlier, but a lot of my progress pictures have shown only half crosses.  That's because I'm a firm cross country stitcher, and I also on top of that have a weird habit of doing outlines/blocks of color all in one direction and then filling them in with the other direction once the whole block/outline has been done.  So these projects aren't all meant to be half crosses, they're just not that far along yet.  :)

The nice thing about staying home with a migraine is that once my excedrin kicks in enough to take the edge of the pain, I can do some limited activities (as long as they don't involve moving much).  Perfect for stitching.  So I did have the chance to work on the Giraffe Mitten piece I'm doing for World of Charity Stitching.  Here's where the progress from the first half of the week had left me:

And then the progress as of last night.  I just have a bit more yellow to finish filling in and then backstitching the border, and then it will be off to its new home to be sewn into a quilt with its brothers and sisters.  I'm hoping I'll get it finished soon, since it is a bit late (oops). 

The other nice thing about staying home with a migraine is that kitties will insist on keeping you company.  As long as you feed them, they'll curl up in a nice quiet ball with you while you're stitching. 

He is fast asleep and snoring in the picture.  Hmm, maybe I'm posting too many cat pictures lately.  Can you tell he's my baby?  :)

I will probably be back with another super long update on Monday with this weekend's progress.  Until then, happy stitching to everyone!
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  1. Cute starts Alyssa. I love seeing your furbaby pics. Hope the headache goes away soon.


  2. Hooray for more starts and an almost finish! I'm a haphazard cross country stitcher, hah. Depends on the area. And there's never enough kitty pictures! At least yours turns into a quiet ball, I feed mine and suddenly Kitty Krack Mode across every object in the house, including humans. >_>

    Hope your migraine went away quickly! They're no fun. :I

  3. There's no such thing as 'too manycat pictures'! Nice progress, and thanks for explaining the fabric and the half stitches :)