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Monday, January 26, 2015

Progress Update: Day 24 & 25 of the Crazy January Challenge

First of all, to all the new readers who have joined me over the past weekend, welcome!

It's back to work on Monday, which means in my break times I now have internet access once again, so it's time for my January Challenge updates from this weekend.  So here's my two starts for the past couple days. 

First of all, I went through my stash of projects I had sat aside for this challenge and had a organizing moment (or two).  Because of some things that have come up over the course of the month, although I am keeping up with the challenge of working on something different every day I am not fully sticking to my original list.  So knowing there were only 8 days left in January at that point, I had to pick/choose what projects were the most important for me.  So I now have the rest of the month planned out.  My WIP projects have been put aside in favor for projects with closer deadlines, and I'm hoping I do get to pick them up again sometime in Februrary.  This is not to say I won't have new starts any longer in February, but I'm going to try and focus on finishing some of these things that have looming deadlines.  Best laid stitching plans and all that...

Anyway, Saturday I started a square I'm doing for Love Quilts.  It's called Silly Ladybug, and will be a (very) big ladybug with heart shaped spots.  I got half of one heart done.  Hoo boy, this is the one I'm worried about getting bored with because it has very large blocks of the same color.

My second piece for the weekend was also a Love Quilts project.  I call this one Singing Owl.  I just got a bit of purple between her eyes done, since I was focusing on the A-Team Mythbusters special we had DVRed from Saturday night.

We had company over both Saturday and Sunday night, so needless to say, the amount of stitching I got done either day wasn't very spectacular.  

I also made a bit of progress on Perfume Bottle and Rainbow Mandala, but sadly forgot to take pictures, so those will have to wait until tomorrow to post.  I really need to knuckle down and finish those, because they are due very soon.

Until tomorrow!
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  1. I love the Love QUilts project. You're awesome for contributing two blocks and I can't wait to see them grow a bit more :)

  2. I like the idea of working on different things. I'm sorry I missed this challenge. I guess I could do it unofficial in February

    1. Several people in the Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015 (DUCJC2015) group on Facebook are doing new starts for all of February too, so I'm sure you could jump in and do February! If I didn't have so many deadlines approaching, I might consider continuing into February myself.