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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mega Mini Month Madness SAL Progress: Week 1

So lately I find myself splitting my stitching time between actually stitching, looking for new patterns (as if I need more, right?), and reading/joining SALs (that’s Stitch-A-Long for any of you who might be uninitiated :)

Well, I was poking around the other day when looking for new patterns, and I stumbled across a Mega Mini Month Madness SAL hosted by Pull The Other Thread.

Christmas is sneaking up on me fast, and I am going to need to hurry if I’m going to finish my ornament projects for my family by then. So I think this may be a challenge that will be perfect for me. So those are my main goals for this month. I will post my progress (hopefully) at least once a week, in order to fulfil the requirements for the SAL. So my plans for right now are:
  1. Finish the beading on the cat and rooster kits I finished stitching in August
  2. Finish stitching/beading Teton Santa
  3. Start the last three projects I absolutely, 100% must get done before Christmas: Victorian Tree, Hot Stuff, and Be Merry (pictures to come later)
We’ll see how far I get...

If you’d like to join along, the official signups are unfortunately closed, but you can hang out at Pull The Other Thread to check out all the fun and comment with your own progress too.

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