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Friday, November 7, 2014

Free Pattern Friday: Autumn is Here

This week's free cross stitch pattern really is moving on from Halloween designs this time, I promise.

Although it's been autumn for awhile, I usually don't start to think about it until after Halloween.  September has always been either school or still too summery for me in California, and then October of course is Halloween.  So it isn't until after we get through the costumes and the candy that I start to think of fall leaves and autumn.  This pattern is a great little reminder that "Autumn is Here".  I know one of my friends would love this pattern because it uses all those fall colors that she loves.  

This free cross stitch pattern was designed by The Snowflower Diaries.  Head over to the blog to save the pattern and key.  

Happy stitching!

If you ever come across one of my posts that contains a chart that breaks copyright law, please email me and let me know right away. In picking and posting my free cross stitch pattern posts, I make every effort to ensure the designs I share are legitimately free charts.


  1. Oh this is sooo cute. Thanks for the link!!

  2. Thanks for the link Alyssa - I like her stuff and she's got some cute other little freebies too. You've inspired me to pick up my needle again (well, my cross stitch needle that is....I'm quite busy will some quilting needles right now too).....of course this is in between stamping, work and school - oh my!!! Your ornaments are looking great and I'm VERY impressed with your stitching progress!!