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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Anyone interested in forming a SAL?

I came across a pattern of the month project in my search for freebie patterns, and for some reason, I thought they would make a fun SAL for the new year, one where everybody actually works on the same/similar projects.  So I am posting it here in the hopes I might get someone to join me. 

It's the flower of the month series put out by EMS Cross Stitch Designs a few years ago.  There are 12 square flower designs, one representing each month.  Here's what all 12 will look like when finished:

The charts are fairly simple (no fractional stitches), and they are free, so you would just have to source your fabric and floss.

I was thinking starting one each month throughout 2015.  We can check in with our progress and cheer each other on throughout the year.  Finishing, of course, in 2015 is optional (since that seems to be a problem for me lately, LOL :)

So anyway, would anyone be interested in joining me in my little stitching adventure?  If I can get at least one buddy to stitch along with, then I think I'll give it a go. 


  1. Oooo. I've had those hanging around in my life. I might want to join you..... can't quite promise yet because I need to take a realistic look at what *has* to get done next year. How about a positive "maybe" for now!

  2. Here's another positive Maybe. The charts are already in my SAl folder so were marked down to stitch on eday. But like Ruth I need to take a close look at what I can realistically do in 2015, what simply has to be done and how much time this leaves.

  3. I would put in a maybe too, but I am sooo slooow at stitching it'd be a miracle if I finished one! I can vouch for them being easy to stitch though; I have March's done. :D It was a free daffodil pattern that was actually really pretty so it couldn't be ignored. I put it on a huck towel and having a whole set would be amazing but I don't have more huck towels lol. Argh this is tempting!!

  4. certainly would be interested if I could get the patterns. Doesn't mean I would necessarily keep up though as I have already so much to do.