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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Turtle Trot June 2015 Check-In

Well, today is the 10th of the month, which means it's time to show progress on my Turtle Trot pieces of the year.  Sadly, this SAL seems to have fizzled out lately on the host blog BAP Attack, but since I'm forging onwards with my progress, I figured I'd share anyway. 

I didn't have a ton of progress on my pieces the past month, mostly because of Project 9: Baby Tinkerbell.  However, I did manage to completely finish that one (yay!) so although that was most of my progress for the past month, it did cross one thing off my TT list. 

Here a pic for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

I also have been making progress on the latest round in the Frosted Pumpkin Facebook Round Robin group I'm in.  This month I'm working on the "O" block of the Halloween Sampler:

Not much else except the border and most of the O done so far.  I really liked doing the border, as it was my first time working with Weeks Dye Works threads, which were fun to do.  Usually I can't afford the extra expense, so I just use regular DMC threads, but the WDW overdyed threads were a nice change to work with.

My setback with this project so far is I actually had to frog the entire border around the block stitched by the last member of the round robin.  It's the Witch one just o the right of mine, and unfortunately she didn't count correctly, so the entire bottom and side borders were 1 block off.  It would have thrown off the rest of the blocks, and the relation of blocks to the outside "lace" border, so I eventually decided to restitch both her and my own borders.  So that took awhile.

In other news, I do have a finish to show you too.  Sadly, I guess I haven't posted any progress pics of this one yet, but here's what it looks like finished:

This is a pattern from a booklet by Lucie Heaton, and it doesn't have an individual name, so I just call it Tropical Drink.  It's for a summer themed exchange I'm working on.  I stitched it with recommended DMC threads, 2 over 1 on white 14 count plastic canvas.  I'm planning on finishing it up as a magnet, hence the plastic canvas.   I started it on June 2nd and finished the stitching the night of June 8th, so it was a nice, quick stitch. 

Now back to that Frosted Pumpkin Round Robin project.
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  1. I love your Summer Drink! We are having lovely weather today in NW UK so it is a perfect design for today.
    Sorry to hear about the frogging but please carry on with Turtle Trot, I have seen quite a few updates from other stitchers even if Claudette is busy at the moment.

  2. Great finish on the drink and nice work on the sampler. Too bad you had to re-do someone else's work again though. I'm glad you're enjoying WDW! I love them. I got a bunch when my local LNS closed.

  3. I love the tropical drink. It makes me want to visit the beach :). That's too bad about having to re stitch but at least it's right now :)

  4. Congrats on both awesome finishes Alyssa. The tropical drink one is too cute. I too think that Turtle Trot has pretty much fizzled out. I'll work on them when the mood strikes me.


  5. The Baby Tinkerbell is just gorgeous! Wonderful finishes Alyssa! Corngrats!

  6. That drink looks great! Also, good work on the Frosted Pumpkin RR. I'm going to stitch that design later this year :)