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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Latest Round Robin Progress

I guess I've been a little quiet lately compared to how busy I was in April.  Sadly, I've had a few personal issues going on the last few weeks, a rough week at work, and yet another cold, all of which have thrown a bit of a wrench in things lately.  In fact, I think this pretty much sums up the last two weeks:
This is from the wonderful Sandra Boynton's Facebook page by the way.

So yes, May Day, May Day, I'm going down...

I'm way behind on getting my stitching done for this month's Frosted Pumpkin Round Robin.  But I have made a little progress so far:

Just the owl to finish, 3 clouds, 3 leaves, 2 acorns, and the words to do left.  That's not much.  Right?  I really need to get started on my next Love Quilts square due at the end of this month too.  And I got a few other projects up in the air too.  I'm feeling a little stretch.  Hopefully I can find some time to myself this weekend, although I don't know how much that will happen, being Mother's Day for those of us in the USA and all. 

Since I don't have much in the way of stitching to show you, how about a photo of serendipitous timing.  We live out in the country, and there happens to be a barn cat that lives on the property we rent.  His name is Bella (yes, Bella is a fella, he was named by a 5 year old that didn't know better) and he is a sweetie who loves to talk.  He always comes over and greets me with lots of meows and loud purrs when I come home every day.  I love him almost as much as my Brownie baby.

Anyway, Bella found an earthworm on the ground on Saturday, and happened to look up and tell me all about it.  Well, I was trying to get a picture of him sniffing it, but snapped it a little too late, which meant he was already looking at me and in mid-meow.  Well, since he was in the middle of talking to me, it made him look like he has this disgusted look on his face.  Like "ooh, gross, it's a worm..."

I just thought it was a cute picture and had to share. 
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  1. Love the picture of Bella. Nice progress on your stitching.


  2. Very cute photo and at least you managed some progress. I hope the rest of the month is easier.

  3. At first glance, the owl looks like a totoro! You've got some progress in so the rest of the month should go by with ease, right? (I tell myself this too)

    Haha, Bella does look a little grossed out at the worm even if he's probably saying "o man look at this AWESOME THING" Talky cats are fun, do you talk back too? :D

    1. It does look like a Totoro right now, doesn't it? I hadn't even noticed that yet.

      And yes, I will admit to "talking" back. Both Bella and my Brownie baby are talkers, so there's quite a lot of meowing around here, and not all from the cats, LOL

  4. Hope your troubles are over Alyssa and you have a better week ahead. Your stitching is lovely and Bella is super cute!

  5. Hope your problems are sorted out soon. Bella is so cute.

  6. Sorry to hear about all the crappola! I hope things get better soon and I love the picture of Bella!