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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2015 Stitching Goals, Part 1: Cross Stitch Crazy Challenge

As it goes closer and closer to the holidays (and right after that, the end of the year) I find myself signing up for more and more stitching projects and goals next year.  So I thought it might be fun to do a series of posts over the next few weeks about each one. 

First up is the 2015 Cross Stitch Crazy Challenge.  I believe this started out as a Yahoo group, but I've since found the group on Facebook.  The idea is to start 15 new projects for the first 15 days of January, and then work on those projects throughout the year.  The project has evolved in several different directions for the participants over the years, but that's the basic idea. 

This year, there's also a spinoff group called Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015.  This was started in the memory of Debbie, a cross stitch blogger who passed away earlier this year.  People in this group plan on working on either 31 different projects (one for each day in January) or 59 projects (one for each day in both January and Februrary). 

Well, I've decided to do the Ulimate Crazy Challenge, but I'm going for the lesser level of 31 projects.  I'm also including a few ongoing WIP projects instead of just 31 new starts, and a lot of my projects are smalls too. 

So after making and changing my plans over the last few months on my challenge page (and then changing them again), I think I finally have it worked out to these projects.  Of course, they're subject to change as January actually comes around too.  :)

My 31 projects include (in no particular order):

Four WIPs
1.  Halloween Quaker
2.  Tree Frog Trio kit
3.  Silent Night kit
4.  Gift of Christmas

Six Mill Hill mini kits for Christmas presents next year
5.  Stars and Stripes
6.  Love Potion #9
7.  Coin Purse
8.  Autumn Wreath
9.  Winter Bunnies
10.  Cookies for Santa

Two Stitch-A-Long projects
11.  Gingerbread Houses Facebook SAL
12.  January Carnations from the Flower of the Month SAL

Six Charity Stitching squares
13.  Rainbow Mandala
14.  Perfume
15.  Horse Yin Yange
16.  Singing Owl
17.  Ladybug
18.  Sparrow on Vine

Three new Christmas projects
19.  Reindeer Square
20.  Polar Bear Square
21.  Merry and Bright Banner

Four potential Christmas presents
22.  Purple Paisley
23.  Polka Dot Bouquet
24.  Britannia Pillow
25.  Cat Lady Kit

Six My Little Pony magnets
26.  Rainbow Dash
27.  Rarity
28.  Twilight Sparkle
29.  Pinkie Pie
30.  Apple Jack
31.  Fluttershy

And, as you can see from my Challenge page, I have 25 backup projects in case any of these don't work out for me.  We'll see what happens come January!  Of course in the meantime, I have lots of kitting up to do.  I got a few done already, and it's wayyyyyy more work to organize out 27 new projects (31 - 4 WIPs) than I thought it would be!


  1. Looks like a great list! Looking forward to seeing how you get along with it. I plan to do this challenge as well but you are way more organised than me!!

  2. I love the idea of the January Challenge for Debbie...and you have some interesting choices in your list, I'm really looking forward to seeing them :)

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog! It is always such fun to meet another Mississippi stitcher. :o) Maybe one day we could meet for an in person stitch-in.

    Your 2015 crazy challenge looks like a lot of fun! I am going back and forth on whether to join in as I have so many WIPs and UFOs! lol But I think I will join in on your flower of the month SAL. They are very pretty!

  4. Ooo I'm looking forward to seeing your MLP magnets! And all the progress on everything! Thirty one projects would probably fry my brain hah.

  5. Great list! I have joined both groups and using my 15 new starts as part of the 31 starts! Although I still haven't finished listing the 31 starts yet..... too many that I cant to do!
    Have fun, can't wait to see your progress
    hugs xx

  6. Somehow I seem to have accidentally found 59 projects to work on! Some are UFO's though so that's ok...gulp!

    I will look forward to seeing your progress over the year. Happy New Year!

  7. Your list looks great Alyssa. I'm looking forward to stitching along with you next year.