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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 Stitching Wrap Up and 2016 Plans

Since my post from yesterday about Christmas got a little long, I'm going to put off showing off my Crazy January progress so far for just one more day to do a quick recap/future goals post.  Well, I say quick, but things never seem to go that way when I start to type.

2015 Stitching Statistics

Projects started:   44
New projects started for Crazy January Challenge: 30
Projects finished:  30
Crazy January Challenge projects finished: 7 (which is why many of these are included as WIPs in this year's challenge...)
Charity squares donated: 9
Exchange presents mailed: 3

Not a bad year overall.  So what's my plans going forward for 2016?

You may have noticed if you've been a reader since last year that I didn't really sign up for an SALs or check ins this year.  Stitch from Stash as it was before has now been dissolved, although there are similar groups popping up all over Facebook I could join if I wanted to.   But I'm also not participating in WIPocalypse or the Smalls SAL, or anything like that, at least so far.  In the end, I really burned out in the check ins on those posts, and so this year I decided not to. 

I have joined Kaye's Christmas Ornie SAL 2015 blog with good intentions to keep up, but I'm not going to stress about it if I don't. I've also signed up to participate in a few Facebook challenges, but again, I'm trying to go more stress free in my blogging and stitching this year.  If I meet the challenge, great, if not, that's okay too. 

I will be doing Debbie's Crazy January Challenge again this year (I've already started) because that was one thing from last year I really enjoyed.  I know I will continue charity stitching in the new year because that's also something I have really liked doing (as long as I don't leave things too much to the last minute!).  I have some plans for some gifts I would like to make.  I'm in a current Round Robin sampler round, and I'm starting a new Lizzie Kate RR in January.  But in the end, I really want 2016 to be more about stitching and blogging for me, and I feel like right now, what I have committed to is working for me.  Of course, that could always change in the future, since I seem to have SAL ADD. 

I would like to get back to doing Free Pattern Friday posts, so I'm going to be try and be better about being regular in posting those, starting with this coming Friday.  

Oh, and since I totally am behind on reporting for the TUSAL (Totally Useless SAL) where we show our ort jars each month, here's what my ort jar looked like at the end of 2015:

Now time to empty it out and start over with a clean jar. Whatever 2016 brings, I hope to make it a great year!

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  1. Happy New Year! Like your no-stress approach. :)

  2. Sounds like a fun stitching year Alyssa. Looking forward to seeing your stitching.


  3. Great idea of no sals this year :). I've noticed quite a few people have taken the lesser approach to goals this year. I know I did

  4. Sometimes it feels better not to have too many commitments grabbing at your attention. You certainly seemed busy last year and I hope this year is smoother and more relaxed for you.

  5. You had a ton of awesome finishes last year - I love how commited you are to the charity stitching! I hope keeping things a bit more low-stress this year will work out for you :)