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Friday, August 28, 2015

August Stitch from Stash B

Here we are at the end of August, and I've been quite quiet lately.  Sadly, I've kind of lost my stitchy bug the past few weeks, and I haven't been stitch nearly as much lately. But I'm taking a trip this weekend, so maybe I will get that bug back a bit during the trip since I don't have to drive.
Month: August
Spent: $26.40
Earned: $0.00

As you can see, due to the loss of my stitchy bug, I didn't have ANY finishes for this month.  A first for me this year!

I did end up buying some stash though.   Last month one of the patterns I bought was one called Summer Designs by Bobbie G. Designs.  Well, doing some research into that pattern, it turns out it was a series of patterns and I got it into my head one day that I needed the other 3 seasons to match it (you know how I am with seasons and monthly patterns).  Sadly, my go to supplier (since there's no LNS to be found near me) 123stitch.com failed me and didn't have them in stock.  But I did find another website called Stitching Bits and Bobs that did have them, and what do you know, they were even on sale.  So added to my stash this month were Winter Designs, Spring Designs, and Autumn Designs.  I have to say spring and winter are probably my favorites of all of them.
And while I was poking around, I ended up adding another pattern to my cart.  This one is called Americat from Val's Stitching Stuff.  Val has lots of cute primtive-y cat patterns, and with my love of both cats and all things patriotic, I just loved this one so much.  And since it was another thing 123stitch didn't have currently in stock, I had to add it to my order so I could get combined shipping, right? I normally don't go for primitive type patterns, but they're starting to grow on me, and I find I really like Val's patterns (although so far I haven't stitched one).  I will probably even save up for both the Just Another Button Company buttons and hand dyed floss for this one.

I wish I could have found bigger pictures for you to look at (or even had the foresight to take some of my own) so you could see all the amazing details and colors of these patterns.  Of course, when they arrived in the mail I discovered that (gasp!) the Bobbie G Designs have quite a few blended threads.  Oh frogs.  I haven't done blended threads yet, been too chicken to try them, but I suppose these patterns will be as good of an excuse as any to try them out.

In other news, the Cross Stitch Crazy 2016 group (home of the Crazy January Challenge) has opened, so I'm already planning my starts for next January.  And sheesh, I still have Christmas present to finish.  I need to get this stitchy bug back soon!  Otherwise, I will completely fail SFS Part B.  I need more earning bonus, LOL

Starting balance from July: -$33.00
August budget: $25
Finish bonuses: $0   
Total:  -$8 to spend in July
- Total stash purchases: $26.40

Ending balance: -$34.40

Hey, my red balance only went up by a dollar...


  1. I love the Americat design. Val's patterns are fun to stitch and they are so cute. Good luck tracking down your stitchy bug! I'm sure you'll do better next month.

  2. I think given all the stitching you've done, especially the deadline stitching you deserve a break! And maybe the new purchases will help locate your stitchy bug. Blended threads are not a big deal. I've stitched a few kits with them by now and it adds a nice dimension to the colours. If you check my blog under 2015 finishes, White Wolves had a ton of blended threads.

  3. Both of my finished projects use blended threads they're quite fun! I don't railroad or anything because I like when they twist a bit and add dimension. Haha that's why they're dimensions kits ;). Nice new stash :)

  4. I love your new stash, especially the winter version of Bobby G:) Hope you'll get your stitching bug back soon - it would be a disaster if I lost my one right now...no christmas gifts for anyone...oh boy!

  5. Nice designs! Hope you get your stitching bug back soon...and that I don't lose mine. It is great how knowing others are stitching away and showing progress can be a motivator.

  6. I love the Bobbie G Designs you got :) I'm sure you'll be bak on the stitching wagon soon-ish, you have so many beautiful things to work on!

  7. Love your new stash especialy autumn
    I allso love the 4 seasons designs
    Look forward to see one of those new ones finished